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Homemaker Services

A homemaker does household chores that include housekeeping, cooking prep, shopping assistance, laundry, and other routine household tasks.

Companion Care

A companion may provide companionship for the client such as keeping a person company at home or going with the person to appointments or other outings. 

Transportation Non-Medical (shopping and errands)

  • Grocery and clothes shopping
  • Buy stamps, mail packages
  • Pick up prescriptions
  • Take to Dr. Appointments
  • Attend church services
  • Theater/movie events
  •  Dine out for meals
  • Drive to family gatherings
  • Handle dry-cleaning

Overnight Care

Overnight care provides the opportunity for the primary caregiver to take a break and get a good night’s rest. A Caregiver will be at your home for 8 to 12 hours throughout the night to ensure that bathroom visits, sleep walking, wandering or other activity that

should be supervised to ensure health and safety. Peace of mind is what the primary caregiver gets, knowing the care is covered while they get a solid, and often badly needed, good night’s sleep. Typically the Caregiver will

read a book, watch television quietly, or some kind of quiet hobby (i/e: quilt, laptop computer, etc), readily available as soon as any activity is seen or heard. This service is basically “Senior Sitting” where the activities are often minimal and/or limited to how often the individual wakes each night and what the needs are when awake.